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How it works

Drive Smart brings you and your car home at the end of your night.  We'll send you two drivers, one will drive you home in  your own car, the second will follow behind to pick up our driver at the end destination 

Call Drive Smart

Give our friendly dispatchers a call at 250-661-0181 to arrange your pick up. You can book for right then or a ride for later.

We'll send you a team of drivers

One driver will drive you home in your car, while the other follows behind to pick them up.

Have your car in your driveway in the morning

Enjoy sleeping in and not having to retrieve your car in the morning!

How Much Does it Cost?

How Much Does it Cost?

Use our handy rate calculator to get an estimate of your trips cost

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Do you want to prebook a set time for your pickup? Use this booking form to request your preferred time slot.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we can make multiple stops along the way. The customer’s car must be the final stop.

No, we cannot take people in the chase car (the vehicle that follows). We are not licensed as a rideshare/taxi and it is illegal to transport people in our own vehicles.

Yes! Kids or pets are more than welcome to ride in your vehicle with you. You can have as many people in your vehicle as there are seat belts.

If you have insurance on your vehicle, then yes. Having our drivers drive your vehicle is the same as lending your car to a friend. Click here to learn more about this as well as ICBC’s recommended unlisted driver protection.

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