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Drive Smart is more than a part time job.

Without us, people who go to a pub or a restaurant and have their car with them only have two choices: drink and drive or leave their car behind and take a car. Not anymore! We are a technology company that connects customers looking to get a ride along with their car, with independant contractors who can offer that service. We’ve created a framework for you to make extra income while making an actual difference.

How it

How it Works

We drive customers home in their own vehicle, usually after a visit to a pub or restaurant when they can’t legally drive themselves.  We do this by working in pairs, with one person driving the customers car, and the other following behind.

2 ways to work with Drive Smart

You can work as a Driver, Chaser or apply as a Team. A Team is made up of two applicants who want to work together. A team must have both a driver and a chaser.

1. Drivers

Drivers drive the customers car, alone with the customer, to their end destination.

2. Chasers

They follow behind in their car, picking up the driver at the end destination

Why work With Us?

Choose When You Can Work

We build the schedule based off the days you tell us you can work. Time off is unlimited

Apply Alone or With a Friend

You can either apply on your own, and we’ll pair you up with someone. Or, you can apply as a pair with a friend or family member

Get Paid Weekly

We know this is a part time job for most of our drivers and chasers, so why not pay quickly? Payouts are on Monday for the previous week

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Drivers & Chasers both make 30% of the fare each (minus a $1.75 administration fee per trip)
  • Tips are split 50/50 between the Driver & Chaser
  • Drivers pay their Chaser 7 cents per KM driven during their shift.
  • Class 5 license/3 year drivers abstract
  • Smartphone with Data (we use an app to send trips/process payments/communicate with dispatch)
  • Drivers must be 10/10 at driving Manual Transmission
  • Class 5 license with Business Rate Class/3 year drivers abstract
  • Smartphone with Data (we use an app to send trips/process payments/communicate with dispatch)
  • Fuel efficient vehicle with business insurance
  • Follow this link to ICBC for more information on Business Rate Class
  • Training is about a hour and typically on Saturdays

Yes! You can either apply as a single applicant OR a team (Driver & Chaser)

Shifts start between 6pm-10pm and go until 12:30am-3am

Yes, learn more about how ICBC insurance and Unlisted Driver Protection works. Follow this link to ICBC’s website to learn more

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